Guess What? I Am Back!!!

Greetings lovey people!
Long time no blogging... very long time if I may say so. 
I have no particular reason or excuse for that, only a temporary lack of inspiration, time and focus for my beloved blog. 
I suddenly realized that I've missed it... and apparently I am not the only one. 
My father used to say "When more than three people tell you that you are drunk, even if you are not, you should go to sleep". Following that principle when a few friends asked me why I haven't posted anything in months, I decided to do something about it... 
So here I am with lots of stories and new thoughts. Can't wait to tell you all about my latest adventures and encounters with amazing people. 
Have a little more patience and I will be back. Meanwhile I will leave you with a song that's been on my mind for weeks. Enjoy!