Meeting with Big Buddha in Hong Kong

Greetings, lovely people! 
I am officially on vacation mode and currently getting ready for a new trip. Yes, I know, my entire life looks like a never ending holiday, but that's not really accurate. :))
So between packing and planing my new adventure, I decided to sit 15 min and tell you about my (short) Hong Kong experience. 
The place looks quite impressive: all aligned skyscrapers, pretty colorful lights, friendly people and the mountains... So with all these around... I decided to go "outside the city" and see The Big Buddha... Maybe get in touch with my spiritual side a little bit... I shall not bore you with details. because you have everything you need to know, including how to get there, in the link above... After this, I switched mountains and went to Victoria Peak, because I have this thing with highs and skylines, plus the mandatory I♡ HK photo... Ending the day with some shopping at Sasa and dinner at some local, no name, cheap restaurant... I would call it a good one. 
My tea is getting cold and I should really get some sleep. Enjoy the photos.
Hugs and kisses and good vibes, as always 


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