Friday, December 9, 2016

There's something about Seattle...

Next on my US Series: the Seattle adventure.
I heard so many lovely things about this city therefore my excitement was over the roof when I landed here. I couldn't wait to leave my suitcase and explore this new territory. 
There is something about Seattle... something I can't really explain, a certain feeling, fresh  atmosphere, good karma in the air... I tent to fall in love with cities that bring me great vibes... and this time I was hooked. Seattle is my new Lalaland. 
I am not a morning person, but I really didn't mind having a super early (7 AM) breakfast in a refreshing place like Bacco Cafe.... Especially if Mimosas are involved... Yes, I said Mimosas for breakfast, don't judge me. :P So after this and the best crab eggs benedict I've ever tasted, I was all happy (no wonder) and ready to start the day. First stop: Pike Place Market for some fresh... everything. 
Now I might have been  a little bit brainwashed by Grey's Anatomy, but I have this thing with ferries... So obviously I wanted to take one and go look for McDreamy, ha ha. :)) Because of this brilliant idea of mine,  I ended up in one of the most adorable little towns I've ever seen: Bainbridge Island.  Here I spent half on the time wandering around, taking photos, having tea and homemade pastries in cute coffee shops and the other half shopping in this Vintage Boutique I randomly found.
Going back to Seattle I started daydreaming about the beautiful and simple life I could have here, close to nature, taking the ferry every day to my art related job... I am a romantic, I know :))
Next on my list was lunch at HomeGrown  and lovely visit to the Seattle Art Museum for the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition.  
I don't think there is any point in telling you about the shopping places and how many coffees I've had considering I am an addict and there is a Starbucks on every corner... literally. 
Btw, I couldn't find McDreamy this time so I guess I will have to come back soon 

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