Bringing sunshine to Amsterdam

You know that feeling when you can relax with a cup of coffee on a lazy day, planning your blog posts ahead, find time to select and "play" with the pictures, come up with some good recommendations and smart-ass lines...? Me neither...  
I am, as we speak, in a hurry to write whatever on the blog because I haven't posted in one month and there are many many beautiful photos to share, not to mention the flight I should catch in a few hours... So I will make this short and sweet, as per usual. 
Amsterdam has quickly become one of my favorite destinations... When the weather is nice 😊... Which I heard, it doesn't happen very often. What can I say? I was lucky enough to catch some sunny days in this wonderful city... Or I brought the sunshine with me? I haven't decided yet if I wanna take credit for that, ha ha. 
The beauty of this city reminds me of Copenhagen, but with an even better vibe, more relaxed and happier people... I have a slightly idea why...😂 I was more than fascinated with these guys... I couldn't take my eyes off some of them... Amsterdam is the kind of place where I would just sit on the side of the canal with a cup of coffee and look at the beautiful people passing by with their cool bikes, Vespas or even cooler boats... Oh wait, I actually did that, ha ha... And did I mentioned I want a boat? Somebody should fixe that 😋
Anyhow, I shall stop here for now. Sit back and enjoy the photos. 
Hugs, kisses & good vibes! 💛


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