Play date with baby elephants in Sri Lanka

Lately life surprises me a lot... mostly in a good way :)). Like a few days ago when I was supposed to visit Budapest, but instead I found myself heading to Colombo, Sri Lanka. So with all my plans of eating goulash and enjoying wine under the city lights vanished, I had to rethink my entertainment on this new territory.
A last minute decision was to visit Pinnawalla Elephant Orphanage  and it was the very best one. 
I had no idea such a place existed and my curiosity was over the roof. I like to think that this is not the kind of place where the elephants are used for entertainment, so we were not allowed to touch them, give them a bath or ride them. We just admired these beautiful creatures from a distance. 
One of the cutest things I have ever seen was bottle feeding the baby elephants and then taking all of them to the river for a bath. Near the river I made an adorable giant friend who loved bananas and kept photobombing my selfies, ha ha. 
I have to admit, this was quite an experience. Happy kid ^_^