It's Rio, baby!

I just love it when I have more time to spend in a new destination, especially if I wished for it for so long.
My trip to Rio was divided into two parts.... First came the sunny days, perfect time for the beach and a very good made up reason to buy new swimming suits. :)) For all the fashion lovers out there, you should check out this brand Salinas, so so pretty. And of course, don't forget about Havaianas. ;)
While walking along the beach and sitting in the warm the sand in Copacabana, I had 3 revelations:
1. I need to learn Portuguese
2. I should start surfing
3. Can I just live here on the beach forever?
I got to tell you that brazilians are gorgeous people. You might expect they all look like Adriana Lima and Christiano Ronaldo... And some actually do... But most of them are normal people with normal bodies still looking absolutely amazing. I was so fascinated. How do they do that? Turns out their secret is a high level of confidence and it is also contagious. 
In terms of going out, we found this nice place called Belmonte. We got there pretty early in the evening and the restaurant was already packed. There were all these people (the gorgeous ones I told you above) standing outside the terrace, drinking beer and laughing. Such an incredible atmosphere. We waited more than a while for the table, but it was worth it. The food was amazing! Fyi, in Brazil, 5 minutes waiting actually means 30 minutes. :P
For our last day in Rio we had exciting plans: taking a long tour of the city, see Christ the redeemer and other fun, touristy stuff... However, it was cloudy and rainy the whole day... Obviously, paragliding and hang gliding were also out of the question and I got bummed about that :(.  So what other option we had options when the weather was not our friend, but we were in town for the Olympics? We went to see a (men) basketball game, of course. Australia vs Spain was a great match, we ended up having lots of fun. Too bad we couldn't stay for the final (Serbia vs US)... That was alright though, because we got to meet the Serbian basketball team on the flight back... But that is a totally different story...
More stories this time and less photos, hope you still enjoyed ^_^
Hugs, kisses and good vibes Rio style