Five minutes of tango in Buenos Aires

Hola, queridos!
Argentina was such a lovely experience and I was thrilled to go there. I blame my excitement on watching to many telenovelas while growing up. I think somewhere in my subconscious, I was hoping to see Mili right around the corner, ha ha. :P
Getting back to real life, my trip to Buenos Aires was so short I managed to take all my photos on one street.... One tiny, colorful, charming street called Caminito.  We went there hoping to see some beautiful Argentinians dancing tango, however we arrived too early. 
We were pretty much freezing (8 degrees Celsius, I definitely wasn't prepared for that), therefor we decided to have breakfast in this cute little place: Cafe Cultural Aleph.  The cozy atmosphere brought me back to my childhood, having tea and cake in my grandma's house. I think the vintage details, homemade pastries, tasty coffee and our lovely host made this place a successful family business. I hope to have something like this one day...
We did get a little bit of tango... For exactly five minutes, ha ha. Better than nothing I would say. 
As usual, I managed to make some new random friends... That came very easy because Argentinians are sweet and friendly people and they become even friendlier when you speak their language. :))
I will end this post with a restaurant recommendation. The way I see it, Juana M.   is a place where the love for food meets the love for art. I was very impressed by the tasteful interior design, the delicious food and local wine selection and by how many people were having dinner there spreading good vibes everywhere. 

I wish you all a fun/good night!
Hugs, kisses and good vibes.