It's a colorful life in Melbourne

As you might noticed from my Instagram account, I am a big fan of this #Latergram trend... Therefore, I will try a later blogging thingy today because even though it's been two months since my trip to Melbourne, this place is too cool not to post about it. 
Now you already know I am in love with Australia so I was crazy excited to visit my fourth city there. Yes, I am counting. :P
As always, I shall try to keep it short and sweet. The city is full of life with nice and creative people and their original sense of style, tiny little streets "dressed' in graffiti, cool hipster cafes, amazing markets, artsy events... Bottom line it's a real Hipster Land. I am in love! 
Two things I enjoyed the most:

  • Shopping at Queen Victoria Market. This place makes shopping for food and wine way more fun than looking for shoes. Yes, I actually said that. :P
  • Wandering on the colorful streets... Which I always do when I travel.... However, this time was a bit different because Melbourne is one of the word's great street art capitals. The beauty and energy of this place is contagious. I was hooked. Here is a little guide to explore the city's best street art. I only wish I would have found this before my trip... But having to discover them all by myself was part of the fun. ^_^
Hopefully I manged to brighten your day with my colorful photos. 
Have a good one, lovelies!