Fields of happiness

 When traveling turns into a lifestyle and changing countries is part of my daily routine, HOME seems like an exotic destination... 
People are always excited when I tell them I am from Transylvania... Sometimes I think they picture it as a fantasy land...Narnia style. :))
Being away all the time makes me appreciate my home country more... One of the best feelings in the world is being reunited with my beloved ones... Hugging my best friend is priceless... Seeing the joy in my grandmother's eyes is touching... And laughing with my smart-ass brother brings me the good energy I need so much. ^_^ 
Another thing I love doing when I am at home, is annoy the crap out of my baby brother, ha ha... Especially when I drag him outside the town to see a poppy field and then beg him take pictures of me... By the way, the kid has some skills... I taught him well, ha ha. ^_^ 
Hope this photos will bring you at least a little bit of the good vibes I felt while taking them. 
Lots of love, hugs and kisses ♡