Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Roma, amore mio!

I'm in love with cities I've never been to and people I've never met. 
You probably heard this before somewhere else, but the phrase made total sense for me when flying to Rome. Somehow I knew I was gonna love this place even before I got there. 
I was so happy to be in Rome I thought I was gonna explode... Seriously, people were looking weird at me, most likely, thinking "Chill, woman!" :D
Anyway I will not bore you with details about major attractions of the city, you all know those... However, I was pretty excited to see Fontana di Trevi. For some reason, I was always fascinated with this and when I actually got to see the fountain... I was speechless. I actually needed a moment to realize this was for real... And to ignore all the people around me, ha ha. 
Wandering around the teeny tiny streets and taking hundreds of pictures it's kinda my thing.
I always try to find something new, something different, something that I haven't seen on another instagram account. This is how I found a charming little restaurant, whose name I cannot remember, oopsie! ^_^ 
It looked so cute from the outside, therefore I stopped for a picture. The waiter saw me, came to me and offered to take my picture  How nice is that?! Since it was lunch time, I decided to go in and enjoy a lovely plate of pasta. Now you know you are in the right place when you tell the waiter your Italian is not that good, but you manage to order everything and have small chat with him in that language. Then he tells you "Ma che brava! Tu parli italiano molto bene" and gives you a big hug. I have to admit, made my day even better. Him and the classy lady who stopped me on the street and asked me where did I buy my coat from. Ah, the simple joys in life. ^_^
Anyway, I will leave you with my lovely pictures. As you can see, Rome is very photogenic. 
Lots of love, hugs and kisses 

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