Playing with baby lions in Joburg

My adventure continues from one fancy European capital to the land of Charlize Theron. So welcome to Africa... South Africa. ^_^
 I love discovering new territories and I've always been fascinated by this side of the world, therefore my excitement to travel to Johannesburg. The first thing on my list was visiting the Lion Park and playing with lion cubs. I've been dreaming about this ever since I was a kid so having the chance to do it was unbelievable. I am not gonna go on and on about it, just a couple of things you should know: 
- The baby lions are completely adorable, but they are not soft and fluffy at all (just in case you are expecting that).
- They might get a bit naughty and bite.... But they are still super cute, so try not to freak out, ha ha. For me this part was a piece of cake because my Pika is a little predator as well, so I am used to it. Being so playful actually makes things more interesting. 
 You will also meet there the cutest cheetah, Zoey the giraffe, Rajesh the hyena, my cousins the meerkats and, of course, the kings of the jungle and their wives.
Going back to the city... There is not much to tell... We stayed in Melrose Arch which is a very
stylish area that reminds me of this TV show (mostly because of the name:D).
But we can talk about food and wine. As you might know, South Africa is famous for its meat and I have to agree. Best steak I have ever tasted sa far was at The Meat Company and, apparently, there are even better restaurants, for example Tashas. This gives me something to look forward next time I am in town. I promise I shall come back with feedback. And just in case you are not a big meat fan, you can always choose Ocean Basket,  yumm, yumm! ^_^
About the south african wines... That's a different story. There are so many delicious options it will make your head spin without even drinking. But my favorite choices were: Chocolate wine and Cafe wine. Puurfect, considering they combine some of my favorite things in the world. ♡
That's pretty much it about Joburg from my side.
Hugs and kisses ♡


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