New Happy Place: Copenhagen

Greetings my lovelies and welcome to the city of the most stylish people on bikes.
Remember when I told you I wanna move to Australia? Well, I am currently thinking of a plan to spend half of the time there and the other half in Copenhagen... Or maybe only 3 months in the summer, so I don't have to deal with the cold for too long. :D
I knew Copenhagen was wonderful, but I didn't expect to fall in love with it so quicly. It's not only about the amazing architecture or the breathtaking blue sky... it's about the people. I am so fascinated by the idea of beautiful people... Happy, beautiful, stylish people riding their cute little bicycles in this gorgeous capital. 
And because I am a lucky girl, I actually had the chance to meet one of those great people. While looking for a place to have dinner we found this little restaurant called Skindbuksen. The owner immediately welcomed us in and offered us a table. His name was Herman and he was convinced I was Swedish. ^_^. He recommended us some traditional dishes and told us the history of this place. Apparently we were standing in one of the oldest pubs in Copenhagen visited even by the famous Hans Christian Andersen. The restaurant has such a good vibe that it didn't feel like we were in a totally new place, but having a nice family dinner. In the end we shared a few laughs, said our Good Bye, took some photos together and promised to return whenever we will be back in Copenhagen. 
The next morning I went so see the famous Nyhavn.  After a long walk across the canal, watching all the people jogging and thinking "I could do that if I would live here", I arrived at one of the most fascinating places I have ever seen. Nyhavn on a sunny day is mesmerizing.  I took hundreds of photos because I didn't wanna miss a single detail, a colorful house or a bike.
 After having breakfast here, I decided I needed more coffee and a muffin to go with it, so I stopped by Lagkagehuset. This place has the best pastries I have ever tasted so, obviously, I walked out with more than a muffin, ha ha. ^_^.
Bottom line, I found a new happy place... A place that makes me wanna learn how to ride a bike. :P