Colorful Bangkok

I can't believe it's been a month already since my trip to Bangkok and I am posting the photos just now. Took me a while, ha ha! I keep saying I will pay more attention to the blog... Working on it, bare with me people. ^_^
What can I tell you about Bangkok?... My journey was short, sweet and colorful. 
The city looks typical Asian, a mixture between traditional and modern. I found it pretty crowded, not particularly clean and the traffic is insane. I would say it is a city of contrasts. And you will soon see why... 
During my short stay I had to major attractions in mind: Grand Palace & Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Kaeo and MBK Mall
Visiting the temple was a must for me, so at 8 am I was already there. It was a great idea to arrive this early because later on, the palace got jam-packed. 
 I was so impressed by the beauty of this place, the architecture, the golden statues, the colorful details... the number of people taking selfies.  I haven't seen so many selfie sticks since I went to the Philippines. In all fairness, it's hard to be in the picture if you are travelling alone. I should know.... It's very funny when you have to ask some random girls to take your photo and because thai people are so nice, they will actually tell you how to pose. How cute is that?! ^_^
Depending on your location, there are several ways to get to the temple: the ferry boat, the taxi or the Tuk-Tuk.  I chose the taxi which was a very good idea going there... not so great coming back due to the crazy traffic. So for my shopping expedition I decided to ride the metro, fast and cheap. 
MBK Center is a mall on 7 levels (I think...) where you can find everything your heart desires. You should know that most prices are negotiable and it's also the paradise of fake bags... Just FYI.
Of course, it wouldn't be Thailand without Thai food and their delicious mango sticky rice, yummy!!! No food photos for now, unfortunately. But next time I will come with some great restaurant recommendations. I promise! ;)
Enjoy the photos. Báai baa! ^_^


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