Falling for Australia Part. 2

By now most of you figured out that I am in love with Australia. I am currently dreaming of living there... I already found the perfect city, the house on the beach with the car and the boat... All I am missing is the surfer boy, ha ha. :))
I shall stop talking nonsense now and tell you how my last trip to Perth really was. 
I usually have this girly kind of activities there including shopping, lunching, having a picnic and reading in the park, enjoying coffee in cute places... Not bad, right? :) But this time I decided to have a different approach and spend some time on the beach. So I took a train to Cottesloe Beach and in 20 minutes I arrived... in haven. Words can't describe the beauty of this place.  There I was, standing in the warm, powdery sand fascinated by everything... The breathtaking waves, colorful water, pretty houses and beautiful people (not just surfers, ha ha). Only one thought was running through my head: I don't wanna leave this place.
Later that day I went back to the city and to my usual activities: lunching, shopping, drinking way to much coffee. I still can't explain why, but Australia gives me this nice and cozy feeling. I think finding my favorite restaurants (Jamies's Italian), coffee shops (The Coffee Club :D) and local fashion brands (Cotton On, Witchery Country Road) might have something to do with that. ^_^
Looking forward to discover new cities in Australia that I can fall in love with.
Until then I wish you a happy & sunny day lovelies! :-*