Thursday, January 14, 2016

Super Blonde Puff goes to Singapore

Greetings my lovelies!
Lately I realized that I miss writing nonsense on the blog. ^_^
So here I am with new stories and cute pictures from my latest trip to Singapore
What can I tell you about the city? I was absolutely fascinated by the huge buildings (not that I don't have enough of them in Dubai, ha ha), pretty lights and the amazing food. Everything looks very put together and I wouldn't mind living here someday. : P
Since I am foodie and I always want to try something new, Makansutra Glutton Bay  was the perfect choice for lunch and dinner in Singapore. I was so impressed by all the crowd dining here, the range of food, cheap prices and friendly people. I kinda like the idea of street food in this gorgeous cosmopolitan city. A big plus is also the nice view onto the Marina Bay Sands. ^_^
Hmmm, what else?....  I got lost in the mall, I had the best Mojito ever and on my first night in Singapore I couldn't sleep because of the excitement... or too much coffee from Starbucks... I guess we will never know :))
That's it for now. Just sit back, enjoy the photos and I will be back soon with new adventures.♡

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