Super Blonde Puff goes to Greece - Part 1.

Hello cuties!
Missed me? ^_^  I've been a busy little bee lately, but I still found some time to tell you all about my latest trip to Zakynthos. ^_^

What can I tell about Greece that you have't heard before? The weather is perfect in September, people are lovely, their food is delicious and the water is absolutely amazing! Seriously, Zakynthos has the most beautiful and clear water I have ever seen or swum in so far. 

We decided to stay right in Zakynthos town, which was a great choice because we had access to everything: restaurants, shops, the pretty port... The most fun part was renting a scooter (we called it il motorino) and going to a different beach every day.
The town is quite charming with simple but specific architecture, pretty pink trees at every corner, coffee shops, fruit stands and great restaurants. I just loved walking around and discovering tiny streets with pretty white houses. 
On the first night there, we found our favorite restaurant: Avly  I instantly felt in love with this place because it was very.... me style, hi hi! ^_^ The decorations were tastefully chosen, in shades of white and emerald green, with cushions in simple flowery pattern, very shabby chic meets Mediterranean style. Peeerfect, I tell you!!!  If I will ever open my own restaurant,  it would be pretty much like this one. Our host was also delightful and the food... Omg, don't even get me started about the food. Everything was fresh, organic and tasted divine. I strongly recommend this place...
Aaand here comes the tricky part, I no longer have the exact address, since I lost the card (#truestory) and I cannot find the street name on Google maps (#feelingannoyed). ^_^ But you should find it easily, because the street it's on the left side as you are facing the Phoenix Hotel and you cannot miss the restaurant 'cause it has a very pretty green door. 

That's it for now, I will be back soon with more details about the wonderful beaches. 
Until then, enjoy the photos and have a great week ahead!