The Don Draper Syndrome

Hello lovely people, long time no see ^_^ 
As you might know, I have this thing for the 50's and Mad Men. But I think maybe I've watched to much of this TV show in the past 'cause a very interesting phenomenon caught my attention... 
I shall call it the Don Draper Syndrome.
Over the years I came to believe that somewhere in their little hearts, most men want a 50's wife. It hasn't been proven yet, but there is a possibility that in a small dark corner of their subconscious, men want to come home to a beautiful wife/ girlfriend/ fiancee, a clean house and a delicious home cooked meal. And if their woman doesn't complain about anything in the world and doing chores makes her happy, then she is absolutely wonderful.  Of course, none of them will admit this... Ha ha!
Why this amuses me?  Well, we live in the 21 century and the only thing I love about the 50's is the fashion. :))  Don't get me wrong people, I am not a feminist or anything. Of course I can cook with all the love for my better half and my apartment can look crystal clean (sometimes :P), but this doesn't mean those features have to be in every woman's job description. I'm pretty sure most ladies have better things to do then to pair socks or iron the underwear while monsieur is watching  TV or recovering from a hangover. :))

This is just a theory so please feel free to argue on this one at anytime