Rethink. Regroup. Restart

I've been meaning to make some changes to the blog and maybe add some new topics or columns... Whatever I shall call them, this would make things (and thoughts) a bit more organized around here. ^_^ Since this is a work in progress, I will start with this motivational Monday thingy... Cause Mondays are tough... And so is life. :P

I know I told you before that I don't usually make plans because they don't work out and I get disappointed. Seems fair enough, right? And here is another fun fact about me: I strongly dislike disappointment and I  have a really hard time dealing with it. So hard that over the years I've developed skills to avoid this feeling.
But because I kinda need a goal in life, I need something to believe in, once in a while I take a chance, step on my heart and make the damn plan. And if there is a real change that my plan would work, I get exited about it and I start picturing myself succeeding... Now you would think that visualizing the success will help, right? But guess what happens after that? The plan fails... because... Life! And, of course, my good friend, disappointment steps in. Such fun!
So lately, instead of avoiding this feeling I had to figure out a way to deal with it. And after taking a few deep breaths and a sip of coffee, three little works popped into my mind: Rethink. Regroup. Restart.

Rethink... People always say: "Think of what makes you happy and go for that".  So I am currently searching for inspiration, for different ideas and new interests.
Regroup... From a chaos of feelings I have to eliminate the negative ones, and keep only the positive. (Like, Daaah!) I should also find the motivation and enthusiasm to move on and surround myself with people who bring me the good vibes I need so much. 
Restart... Things would be so much easier if we would have a button for that. But since there isn't one I guess I have to gather my energy and move forward. Stepping out of my comfort zone and keeping an open mind are the first two steps to... something else. And because I am dreamer, I still believe that the best is yet to come... just like the song says. ^_^

Have a great week ahead, lovelies!