It's Monday, get your shit together!

I've been saying this for the past two weeks and it seems to be working for me, so maybe it will motivate you too. I know people usually hate Mondays, but I try to see the best of it. It's kind of a restart button, you get it together and try to make it through the week.
I admit I am not always super excited to wake up and go to work at 7 AM, especially after a fun weekend, but I try to find some motivation and maybe even plan my outfit in advance (this only happens if I am in a really really good mood :P).  
So this Monday was a very good one. With great karma and lots of energy I managed to accomplish everything I had planned for the day... and even something extra. ^_^  If I also find the time to go for a run in the next 5 minutes, I shall declare myself  happy. :D

I wish you all a lovely week ahead, with good vibes and open minds!