Puss in Boots meets pretty blossoms

The are two things you will probably learn about me from this post. The first thing you should know is that I am absolutely obsessed with spring blossoms, but you might have noticed this from my Instagram account. It's for sure my favorite time of year, the time when I am falling in love with everything around me. I tend to stop on the street every time I see a tree blooming and take pictures. What can I do? I simply cannot resist. ^_^
For a few years now I wanted to have cute pictures with pink blossoms and I am so happy I finally got them. This brings me to the second thing I was planning to reveal about myself. I might look all nice and relaxed in the pictures, but I think I am actually very silly during a photo shooting. I know for a fact that I am hyperactive, I talk a lot, move a lot and I definitely cannot stop laughing. So my photographer (hi hi, I like the sound of that! :D) has to be very patient. Good thing Andra is, because sometimes I imagine she would be like:

... But I guess this is why me make a great team. So I thank you my lovely Andra for the beautiful pictures! 

Regarding the outfit... Hmm, what can I say? I was going for a bohemian look and I was so excited to wear my new white dress, just another obsession of mine, I have plenty, you shall see. But, since it was cold outside, I had to improvise and ended up with a Puss in Boots Kind of look... a very stylish Puss in Boots I might add. It all worked out great in the end, the cold didn't quite killed us and I got to spend a lovely day with my best friend.

Enjoy what's left of this spring, beautiful people! 


  1. Photographing you is never hard ^_^... but surviving the cold in ballet flats is :))
    And, as always, me so happy you like the photos :D
    Virtual hugs and kisses! ♥♥♥

    1. You are too cute... as always, my darling :-*


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