In My Choos

I usually don't get my Christmas presents early, but this is a special year. I guess Santa Claus decided to pay a visit to Jimmy Choo  and brought me the most amazing heels ever!!! I must have been a very good girl. ^_^
After dreaming of these shoes for so long I finally have them, yeeeey!!! My Thursday afternoon felt more like a Christmas morning. Just imagine the excitement while unwrapping the pretty box.... And, of course, there was the note... The most beautiful note I have ever received from my better half... All the love turned into words, written on a piece of paper and sent to me from a far away land... I am a very lucky woman. ^_^
Yesterday I was asked How come the new shoes are not on the blog yet? Well I think I was too busy dancing and jumping up and down around the house, try them on every day, learn to walk on 12 cm heels and at some point I almost slept with my new babies. True story :)

What can I say? Walking in my shoes has a whole new meaning now. 


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