Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Great expectations

I never read the novel, but I always loved the title... It reminds me that I was just a little girls when I learned two important lessons: try not to expect anything from anyone (and you will never be disappointed) and have no regrets (nothing is worth it).
Now lets talk about the first one... Sounds so simple and I always try to  keep it in mind. This might be a brilliant lesson or whoever told me this was awfully wrong. The truth is, having no expectations will save us a lot of pain and trouble. 
One of the feelings I hate the most is disappointment. I can deal with anger, sadness, confusion etc but if you ever disappoint me, we're done! (and no, I'm not just quoting Suits :P). So having no expectations from people, should help a lot... in theory. In real life, this is a very tricky business. Once we care about someone, we will automatically create expectations. If we are in love we expect to be loved back, from friends we expect honesty and support, from family we expect help in difficult times... 
So I can't help wondering: How do we get attached to someone and not create expectations? Can we have expectations and avoid disappointment? Just saying...

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