The blonde vs the kitchen: Chocolate Chip Muffins

From time to time I like to go a little bit Bree Van De Kamp style and exercise my talent in the kitchen. And since I am a big muffin's fan, baking some of these delicious treats sounded like a great idea for the weekend.
Now, I've done this before with the help of Dr. Oetker , but this time I've decided to try a real recipe... You know, with flour and eggs and stuff... ^_^. My mom called me right in the middle of my baking process and she sounded really surprised... I don't know why... The recipe was a success... The second time... ^_^.
The first attempt was not quite a disaster, the muffins were really tasty but didn't grow at all, oops! They looked more like small pies than muffins. Sorry, no pictures here. :P  But I was really determined to do this, so the next day I tried again. And guess what? I baked some pretty nice muffins. So proud of myself. 
As a feedback, I was told I should open a pastry... I've always wanted my own business, so this is something I should keep in mind. ^_^ 

You can find the recipe here. Next time I will try it with the cinnamon topping also.
Happy baking!