Obsession du jour: Jimmy Choo

As a cute 9gag post stated: I don't just like, I obsess. 
Winter is coming and I know I should be thinking about nice and cozy boots, but no no, my mind is all about heels heels heels. A very special kind of heels, I might add, the Jimmy Choo pumps. I've been dreaming and talking and dreaming again about this amazing shoes for months. If any of my friends never heard about the famous brand, well they do now
I've been spending so much time on the website, I can easily guide you through it. I know in which colors every style comes, how much it costs, how they deliver and, obviously, I have my favorite pairs... And no, I haven't purchased one.... yet. :)
 Hmm, I wonder if they hire? 
What can I say? I know my shoes... And no, I do not have an addiction! ^_^ 
This is just the result of reading to many Vogues, watching to much Sex And The City and... well, just being a woman. :P 

Pics via Pinterest