Falling For Fall


Not so long ago someone told me: "You say I love this and that a lot." And there was some truth in what he sad.... To be honest, sometimes I feel like this cute little girl.... Hi hi, just imagining myself in front of the mirror saying all that stuff makes me laugh.  
Now that I think about it, I actually have two seasons when I am falling  deeply in love with... well with pretty much everything!  Of course, the first one has to be spring, it is my favorite time of year after all, and the second one is the beautiful and colorful autumn. Yes, autumn is always kind to me and I adore it.It's a nice feeling walking around the city thinking: I love the autumn sunlight... I love the trees and their beautiful colors.... I love my fall wardrobe and the new trends.... I love trowing leafs in the air and acting like a silly child... I love cozy sweaters and  fluffy socks... I love spending rainy mornings in bed with cup of hot tea and a good book.... I think I just love being in love with autumn... ^_^
Happy Autumn!

Pics by my lovely Andra