New shoes, old door

You know that feeling when you've seen something for 100 times and only the 101 time you realize you love it? Well, that's the feeling with me and old doors. Maybe it's a trend or maybe this new passion will last forever, but lately I am seeing beautiful old doors everywhere. 
Let's take the door from the pictures for example. I've seen it many times during high school when visiting some of my friends or I passed by it each time I had coffee at Cafe Wien and never realized how pretty it was. Not until last year, when Andra and I decided to sit down next to this door and take some lovely pictures. Yes, that was the moment I discovered the beauty of old doors. 
So since yesterday I was overexcited about my new brown sandals I decided to go back to the brown  door... What can I say? New shoes... old door... New love.... old love.


Pics by my dear Andra :)