The shorts and the city

I love summer but so far this beautiful season wasn't very friendly...  Yes, here I am writing about the weather... I must be really inspired :)).  The truth is, lately everybody is complaining about the rainy, windy, cloudy summer days... Summer London style :D

On Sunday, Andra and I have decided to take some pretty pictures, so I woke up full of energy and hoping for a warm sunny day....without a cloud in the sky. Apparently the sun decided to be our friend, because he came out and smiled brightly... A bit to much smiling I would say because at some point we felt like melting. The afternoon was so hot, we had no choice but to start our photo-shoot with a lovely two hours break at Lili's, enjoying a cold lemonade and bitching discussing ideas. Very professional, I know! ^_^

By the time the air got bearable, the evening light got better and we still had our make-up energy on. So we started walking around our charming city taking pictures.

P.S. You might notice we have a thing for old doors
Many many thanks to my lovely friend, Andra for taking the pictures.


  1. "bitching" :)) such fun :))
    and, as always, we make a great team :D


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