Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Inspiration: George Hobeika

If you ever wondered from where do I get my fashion sense?... The answer is simple: my mother. Yes, I can honestly say this and I am proud of it.^_^
Growing up my mom was the first woman I admired for many reasons, but also for her fashion. I can still remember a perfect pair of red high heels that I used to love and try on every day when I was a kid. One of my favorite memories is at the end of my 5th grade, I was the first one in my class and my mom came to school wearing an all white outfit and a elegant hat with a purple ribbon. She was so proud of me as I was of her.

Back to nowdays... A few nights ago my mom and I were watching Fashion TV. Since I don't usually watch TV (yes, I am one of those people :P), I was actually surprised  I had this channel... But then something awesome caught my attention, a George Hobeika fashion show. I was amazed! The Haute-Couture gowns were crazy beautiful I couldn't take my eyes of them.
To be honest, he name didn't ring a bell (I know, I not a true fashion addict :D)... But after one search everything started to make sense. Apparently I pinned some of his dresses in the past, but now I wanted more... So I got lost in all these beautiful pictures...

Pics via Pinterest

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