Inspire and be inspired

A few days ago a random question popped into my head: What inspires me?
After giving it some thought, I realized that people in my life are the most important source of inspiration.
I love beautiful people, I feel amazed by the talented ones and I am impressed by the ones who care about others.
This inspiration comes in different forms...  It might come from a random thought spoken out loud, a new philosophy, a good piece of advise offered, a carrying gesture or a courageous act. I'm usually inspired by people who are not afraid to take action, to take a chance, people who make a good example... or have a great sense of style...
I noticed that I have people in my life that make me wanna be better, braver, more ambitious or maybe less superficial... The funny thing is, most of these people have no idea about this.... ^_^
It's also an amazing feeling when I am the one who inspires others... And, believe it or not, it actually happens.... even if it's just for my friends or maybe individuals that I saw only one time. It is a nice thought to know that something I've said ore done, or maybe even something I was wearing, inspired somebody... Maybe it will actually make a difference at some point...

And at the end, I came across this article related to the subject. 
Enjoy the pretty pictures taken by my lovely, Andra. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend! ^_^