Childood Dreams

As you already know, I usually write about things that are stuck in my head. It might be quote, a song, or simply something somebody told me... Well this time was a question.
A few days ago, a friend asked me out of nowhere: What did you wanted to be when you were a kid?
I realized that I haven't thought much about it in a while... So I reviewed my childhood dreams.

Somewhere between first and second grade I wanted to be a lawyer... Serious dream for a little girl like me... Probably it had something to do with some of my childhood experiences... But that is another story.

The next (obvious) step was becoming a judge... Makes sense right? I even remember a photo of me dressed as a judge for a school carnival. Apparently I was very determined.

After one or two years, I became very concerned with he environment and I decided I wanted to have a job that would help me protect the planet. Again, big dreams for a little girl.

The next step was becoming a veterinarian. That was a little tricky since the job doesn't involve only puppies and ponies.... Imagine my disappointment when I realized that. :P

And here we are just before high school when my artistic side kicked in and I wanted to be a fashion designer. I remember drawing lots and lots of dresses and I was actually planning to apply to School of Arts... but instead I attended Mathematics and Physics at Goga... Ironic, isn't it? :P

After getting sick of all the math, it just hit me: I wanna be a model.... Yeah, that was my shallow side talking. At that time, it wasn't the best plan... But today, I cannot complaint since lately I got to "play" a lot in front of the camera so, lucky me :D

Let's see... What's next? Of course, I studied Psychology thinking I will be the next Freud... And who knows, maybe somewhere in my subconscious I really am, but just I don't know it yet :))

And today??? What are are my dreams today? That is a topic for another post.

The important thing is to learn from every dream, from every experience, regret nothing and be happy where you are now.