Between seasons... between moods

It seems that the weather went a bit crazy this year, but in a weird way, I kinda like it... To be honest, I like it a lot :D
Spring has always been my favourite season and now that it's almost here I'm really excited.
But there is also something very charming about this time of the year. It's an interesting feeling, it's not quite winter and not quite spring. You can feel the warm sunny days approaching, but you can also smell the cold in the air. Brrrr!!!
Between winter and spring everything changes, the day becomes longer, the sun shines brighter and soon we will see beautiful snowdrops everywhere. 
I also find myself between moods these days, going from complete laziness to full of energy or from a nostalgic mood to a spring joy. 
My fashion choices are changing with the season, I gave up my gloves and my smurf hat :P.... but still wearing my favorite Zara coat until spring will officially arrive.

Happy weekend everyone!


Many many thanks to my favorite photographer, Andra


  1. You look so very beautiful, I love these pictures, your coat and the location of the shoot ^_^ And this weather is pure bliss!

    Andra is a great photographer ^_^

    Hugs girls,

  2. Thank you, sweetie!
    Andra keeps getting better ;)


  3. So cute! Dap, we keep getting better :D
    Can't wait till next time ;p

    PS: Multu, Oteea! :*

    1. Yes, we are! De fiecare data imi plac tot mai mult pozele, multu! :-*


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