Not a New Year's Resolution

People keep asking me what is my new year's resolution? Well guys, guess what? I don't have one... I never do because I'm not a planner. I admire those people who can plan every detail of their life but I'm just not one of them. I don't like planning stuff for myself... but I think I could do it for others (interesting, right? :D) I don't like making lists and checking them at the end of the year. Some might think I am lazy... I think "Let life surprise me!".
I also don't need stuff like "This year I will focus more on me"... or "Starting today, I am the most important person in my life"... because I already am! You think I'm selfish?... I think I'm independent.
I do drag a line at the end of every year and say "Well, this was a great year... But the best is yet to come!"... And it always does... Some people might say I'm an incurable optimist... And they might be right. :D

Take life as it is... Be better... Be happy! ;)

P.S. Guess which animal I am in the picture :))

Pic via 9GAG