My Inspiration: Oscar de la Renta

A couple of days ago we were watching The Golden Globe Red Carpet. Now I have to mention, by "we" I mean my better half (we will call him A.) and I... And, yes, he had no other choice but to watch this with me. :))
Going bact to the red carpet moment, at some point, Zooey Deschanel appears in this gorgeous  golden dress...  When asked what was she wearing... I (yes, me, not Zooey :D) said "Oscar de la Renta!"  In that second, A. looks at me really surprized and says "How the hell did you know that?!?"... :))
Getting over the adorable moment, here is something he didn't know about me: I love love love Oscar de la Renta! He is definitely one of my favorite designers.
I don' t remember exactly the first time I fell in love with his creations, but over the years I became more and more fascinated by his collections.
I'm not sure what I love more... the graceful gowns, the beautiful colours or the most amazing details of his clothes.  The truth is, Oscar de la Renta is my inspiration.

Enjoy some of my all time favorite looks ;)