Pic of the day: The Green Dress

I think every special occasion needs a special dress. And because yesterday we had the Christmas party with the company, I went for a classic look, Audrey Hepburn style. :D
The dress combines some of my favorite elements:
- the colour: my eternal emerald green... I know it's not showing in the pictures, but it is a beautiful green
- backless: I've always preferred this instead of a low-cut neck
- the '50s style.... or Mad Men inspiration I could say :D
- it has pockets... full of sunshine :)))

A special thank you to my own personal designer, Mona! I have to say it felt really good when a lady stopped me in the hotel's lobby and asked me who made my dress. :D

All in all, we had a wonderful time! Thank you KC!

I hope everybody is having a great weekend and keep in mind The most important thing is to enjoy life - to be happy - is all that matters.
Audrey Hepburn