My year in pictures

So here we are at the end on 2013...
I think it was a truly great year because I got to travel to new destinations, return to places I love, meet new people, reinforce friendships and learn the best from all the great people in my life.
But my favourite thing about 2013 is that it was a year of "firsts" :D
And here is how it went:

My first trip to London... I simply love this city!

My first time on the snowboard... Guess who is going to Austria in a couple of months? :P

My first professional photo shooting... That was fun and totally new for me ;)

Followed by the second photo shooting... Damn it, I think I missed my modelling career :))

Let's see... What next?...
Yes, I've spent a great summer with my beloved ones...

... and I will repeat this forever: "Thank God for friends and fashion!"

I've returned to a place where I felt like home... Bologna! And I was surprised to notice that the feeling was the same...

Also let's not forget about my first time on the roller coaster... Awesooome!!!

... And the summer days by the sea... in Italy ;)

At the end of the summer I've decided it was time for a change... So I became a redhead... How is that for a change? :))

And how could I forget about this year's first snow? Too bad it only lasted two days...

That being said... I wish you all a wonderful new year!!!
Hugs and kisses :-*