Thought of the day

Maybe I've watched to much Grey's Anatomy or I've heard too many stories about a boy and a girl, but lately I've been thinking about honesty.
I wish people would be more frank with each other.  How hard can it be to just tell the truth? A bit of mystery is good and I am not asking for honesty all the time but at least for the important stuff.
Why is it so difficult to tell someone close to you "You are important to me...", "You make me laugh and I want you in my life...". 
Maybe a simple "I really don't like it when you do that" or "I just don't like you" would be just fine in some situations. This would save everyone a lot of trouble. 
Sometimes people feel the need to tell the truth, but the get scared, maybe they are weak or maybe they just don't want to cause pain. They start by telling a small part of the truth... just enough to get your attention. But then they just stop. With a simple "I've said too much" they close their hart. I fail to understand why people do that.
Of course, the truth hurts sometimes, we cannot ignore that. But I still think it is a better option then lying. If things are crystal clear people can move on with their life.


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