Happy Moments

In life there are moments when you are truly happy.  The feeling is so powerful you cannot describe it in words. You want to hold on to that moment forever...
It's strange how you can find happiness in the smallest things.
It could be the moment you fell in love... the first time he smiled at you... the first kiss. Oh, yes, you will never forget his first kiss. And how could you not be happy when you wake up at noon and he cooks you breakfast (or brunch :D) and he makes you coffee just because he knows you love it.
It doesn't have to be all about love...Your happy moment can be sharing a cup of warm tea with your family or laughing with tears with your friends. I love that feeling...
I have one of those moments every time my baby brother hugs me. When he puts his little arms around me it feels like the entire world is better for that one time.
A happy moment is when you find that one person you can "click" with. That person who is so different then you but still able to understand you completely. You don't ask yourself "how is this possible?" because you are too busy being happy... and that is a feeling you need to hold on to.

This is my idea of happiness...


Pics via Tumblr