Baking with my grandmother

One of my favourite childhood memories is with my grandmother baking cookies for me. I used to love watching her preparing and mixing the ingredients and then explaining everything to me. She would always let me help her and telling me stories since she was a young girl.
So this weekend, while I was visiting my grandma I have decided to try baking one of my favourite desserts. We call it: hajos teszta  because my grandfather was Hungarian.
Here is something you didn't know about me (beside the Hungarian part), apparently I can bake. I've done it before with muffins, but this was time it was more complicated. Lucky me, I had my grandmother to walk me through the process. It was childhood all over again, but this time I was the one mixing the ingredients and my grandma telling me the same stories.
Since this is a family recipe I will not share it with you this time. Today I will just brag about it. :P I'm also pretty sure you can find it on the web because it is practically pastry with sour cherry jam. :D
I had a blast and the result was absolutely delicious. From now on you can call me Super Blonde Baker. :D