The Sandals And The City

Every woman loves shoes and I am not an exception.  Recently I became the proud owner of a perfect pair of Zara high- heel sandals (Thanks to my better half ♡). So today I've decided to take my babies for a walk around town. 
Sandals, meet the city! ^_^
I have to say this was a great end to a lovely weekend. To sum up a bit: sunny day + awesome friends + new shoes = lots of fun. 

Loving my friends!!!

Thank you Andra for the lovely photos ;)


  1. Those black sandals are pure perfection. I'm in love with your outfit and that first picture is gorgeous :)


  2. Oh yes, I just love my perfect sandals!
    Thank you, Oteea!


  3. It's because of the dress, that's why the sandals are pure perfection. The sun glasses and watch complete the outfit.


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