Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Perfect Summer Day

I love Summer! But today, feeling the coolness of the morning, I suddenly realized: summer is coming to an end.
I think I said before, but I will repeat it: I am not ready for fall! So I plan to make the most of what's left of this summer.
And so I come to the question: what makes a summer day perfect?
Here are some simple steps:

1. A charming city... like mine, full of history, beautiful places and stylish people ;)

2. A casual summer outfit... Something that says: It's summer, I'm in-love!

3. The perfect pair of shoes... Some like sandals, some like pumps... I love boots and I'm wearing them all year ;)

4. Awesome friends... The picture says it all! Many thanks to our friend Oana who took the photo

5. Cold, delicious and colorful drinks... because it so hot outside :D

What else?? What am I missing??... Hmmmm... Let me think... 

Of course, nothing is complete without a little bit of.... LOVE!!! Feeling happy without no obvious reason... Priceless! :D

Enjoy the summer!!! ♡

Pics by Andra :)

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