Coffee With Love

A good day starts with a good coffee... An awesome day starts with a double espresso. :D

Yesterday I heard "I don't have an addiction, but sounds like lots of fun..." Well, mine is coffee, or as I like to call it "the black liquid of hope".
I am fascinated by people who do not drink coffee... My only question is "How do you live?" :))
 I don't drink coffee because I can't get up in morning or because I need more energy... I usually have plenty of that. :P I drink coffee because I just love the taste.... It was love at first sip.
There are relaxing, sunny days when I can enjoy a good cup of coffee on a terrace with my beloved ones... And there are those other days, when I cannot imagine my day without it.... Today is one of those other days.:D
So If asked "How do you take your coffee?"  I always reply "Seriously, very seriously!: :D

I hope you all have an awesome week... and remember, coffee is always a good idea! ;)